About Pathmann Architects

Pathmann Architects Inc. is an Illinois corporation licensed to practice Architecture. Established in 1983, Pathmann Architects Inc. has built a reputation for unique design solutions while providing construction documentation that is highly detailed and efficient.

The Brownstones of Palatine - Pathmann ArchitectsPathmann Architects Inc. has built an exceptional reputation for it’s work in Single/Multifamily Residential, Office, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, financial and religious Architecture. In addition to it’s examples of Architectural design, the firm provides code consulting to several municipalities.

Every Pathmann Architects Inc. project begins with a team philosophy of gaining the necessary knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs, requirements and budget restrictions to make the client’s vision a reality. Whether a single family custom home, a renovation, or a corporation needing to expand, our team of talented Architects will take the client’s ideas and create a design that is specific to that particular client’s needs. Once the design solution has been approved by the client, our Architects will provide working drawings for construction that are known for their accuracy, detail and exactness which has been derived from over  forty years of experience.

Pathmann Architects utilize advanced computer aided design, providing design flexibility and the ability to study various design solutions to assure the client the most efficient design solution possible. By the combination of advanced computer technology and our nearly forty years of combined construction experience, Pathmann Architects Inc. is able to provide a unique building design that is sound and well-constructed.

Scope Of Architects Expertise

  • New Construction (Commercial & Residential)
  • Renovation
  • Interior Design
  • Tenant Build-outs
  • Energy Updates
  • Construction Management

No matter what your building and design requirements may be, we will provide the necessary design services and construction experience to bring your ideas into a reality. Contact Us for more information.